Scanning a Procera® Implant Bridge (PIB)


Consider using the Advanced Settings before scanning an object.

About this task

  # Description
1 PIB holder
2 PIB guide
3 PIB non-engaging locator
4 PIB body, bottom up
5 Scanning table
6 Holder reference circles


  1. Installing the Procera® Implant Bridge Model on the Scanning Table
  2. Mounting an Object on the Scanning Table within the Scanning Range
  3. Setting-up the Scanner for Procera® Implant Bridge Scanning
  4. Scanning Non-engaging Locators without a Reference Jig
  5. Installing the Procera® Implant Bridge Framework on the Scanning Table
  6. Scanning PIB Locators
  7. Scanning the Procera® Implant Bridge Framework.
  8. Click Finish.


A PIB situation is created and is now available for design in the NobelProcera Crown and Bridge module.