Scanning the Procera® Implant Bridge Framework


The Scanning PIB Locators step should be completed.

Consider using the Advanced Settings before scanning an object.

Spray any translucent or non-optical scan material with a CAD spray in order for the scanner to accurately detect these materials. Failure to do so can result in a lack of data or less accurate data.


  1. From the Camera View, set the blue square to cover all relevant model information needed to properly design the bridge.

    Consider rotating the mouse wheel to increase the size of the blue rectangle to fully cover the model. You can add points to the rectangle by clicking on the central line running through the rectangle.

  2. Position the blue circles over the reference circles of the holder.
  3. Click Scan.
    1. If a warning is displayed indicating that Height validation failed, adjust the height of the table until the red column changes to green.
      Note: 1G : it is sometimes acceptable to ignore the height validation warning and proceed with scanning. A scan of the area will be added to the initial area.
    2. Make sure the blue circles and square do not need to be readjusted.
    3. Click Retry.
  4. When scanning is completed, click Ok.
  5. Turn the Procera® Implant Bridge Framework upside down.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4.
  7. During scanning, complete the information on dentist, technician, identifier and patient.
  8. From the restoration list, select a material and shade for each restoration.
  9. Click Finish.


A situation is created with the scan. The situation is sent to the NobelProcera Crown and Bridge module where the bridge can be designed.