Installing the Procera® Implant Bridge Framework on the Scanning Table


The Procera Implant Bridge framework is fragile, manipulate with care.

Follow the order of the steps to avoid flexing the PIB

The Scanning Non-engaging Locators without a Reference Jig step must be completed.


  1. Insert the PIB locators into the implants located on the Procera Implant Bridge (at least 3 locators should be used for maximum matching results).
  2. Insert a guide pin into the implant holder.

    For longer implant bridges, or when the object is likely to incur flexing or vibrating, a second guide pin can be added.

    If using 2 guide pins, unscrew the holder to adjust the distance between both pins.

  3. Lute the Procera Implant Bridge to the guide pin.


The Procera Implant Bridge is displayed in the Camera View.

Next step

Mounting an Object on the Scanning Table within the Scanning Range