Scanning PIB Locators


The Mounting an Object on the Scanning Table within the Scanning Range step must be completed.


  1. From the Scan menu, click Locators.
  2. In the Camera View, align the blue numbered circles over their corresponding PIB locators.

    Numbered circles must each fully cover their locator. Set a numbered circle over each implant, even if you did not have enough locators.

  3. Right-click the numbered circles that do not have any locator, this will disable them i.e. they will not be scanned.

    Enabled circles are blue. Disabled circles are transparent.

  4. Align the three remaining blue circles over the reference circles of the PIB holder.

    Use the spheres on a same row.


    If some spheres are outside of the Camera View, gently push the Scanning Table forward until all spheres are displayed in the Camera View. This does not affect the selected scanning area as the camera acts like a targeting system and tracks the location of the circles already scanned.

  5. Click Scan
  6. Follow displayed instructions.
  7. If you had enough non-engaging locators for all implants go to step 8 otherwise, continue to sub-step a.
    1. Right-click the disabled circles to enable them.

      It is crucial that the model and table are not moved at all during the following steps in order to maintain the same spatial relationship between the different scan groups of locators.

    2. Remove the non-engaging locators from the positions already scanned, and place them on the implants that did not have any locators.
    3. Click Scan.
    4. Click No otherwise all of your previous position locator scans will be deleted.
    5. Follow displayed instructions.


The scanned locators are displayed in the Scan View.

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