Scanning the Underside of the Wax-up Bridge


The Setting-up the Scanner for Wax-up Bridge Scanning procedure must be completed.


  1. Install the batch holder on the scanning table.
  2. Use a wax drop or a black color tack to set the wax-up bridge, upside down on the batch holder.
  3. In the Camera View, set the blue flexible curve over the wax-up bridge.

    You may need to stretch the box to be able to cover all the wax-up bridge.

    Make sure the object or substance used to hold the wax-up bridge cannot be detected by the scanner (either black or completely covered by the wax-up bridge).

  4. Click Scan.
    Note: The resulting mesh is shown to the user: inspection and additional scans may be performed prior to processing the remainder of the scan list.

    If the scan of the underside of the wax-up bridge is not adequate, you will need to perform the scanning procedure from the start, i.e. rescan the underside of the wax-up bridge, the model and the upper side of the wax-up bridge.

Next step

Scanning the Wax-up Bridge Model.