Removing a Volume from the Scan


You cannot select more than one area at a time.


  1. In the Scan View, click Edit scan.
  2. In the Mesh Edition Tools window, click
  3. In the 3D view, click points on the mesh to draw a polygon over the volume that needs to be removed.
    Note: Remember that all volume located behind the drawn polygon will be removed.
  4. If necessary, drag the points to refine their position.
    Note: Consider using the icon to remove all points or the to revert the selection.
  5. Click Select.
    Note: When the selection is completed, the area that will be removed will turn yellow.
  6. Click Delete.
    Note: If the removed area is not what you expected, use the icon to revert to the previous state of the mesh .


The selected volume is removed from the scan.