Matching Scanned Objects Manually


The workflow for the scanned objects (wax-up bridge or full jaw antagonist) must be completed.


  1. Click Redo matching
    Note: The Redo matching button appears under the Scan button at the end of the workflow only.
  2. Orient the object displayed in the Reference object and in the Aligned object views in the same position.
  3. In the Reference object view, click the object to add a point on a feature common to both scans.
    Note: A numbered point will be displayed on the object.
    Note: To remove a point, drag the point off the object.
  4. In the Aligned object view, click a point on the same feature as the one in the Reference object view.
    Note: Select at least 3 pairs of matching points. You can rotate the object to set points on different faces of the object.
    Note: Points should not be set on a straight line.
  5. Click Refine.
    Note: The position of a pair of points on a feature must be as precise as possible otherwise matching precision might be reduced and the Refine feature will be slowed down.
  6. Click Ok.