Advanced Settings

When an object is added to the Scan list, several advanced settings are available.

Depending on the type of object being scanned, available Advanced Settings will differ i.e. not all advanced settings are available for all objects being scanned. For example, there are no advanced settings available when scanning locators. These settings should be considered by advanced users only.
Setting Description
Scan Resolution To change scanning resolution. High resolution implies a longer scanning time.
Automatic hole filling The software can be enabled to automatically fill the holes present on the object being scanned. By default, the Automatic hole filling setting is enabled.
Scan region shape : Curve The area that will be scanned is a flexible and resizable rectangle shape. Fitting the shape to a specific region (like a narrow arch) may help save time.
Scan region shape : Rectangle The area that will be scanned is in the shape of a resizable box. This allows the user to gather more information on the model, as the scanned area is bigger. This is the default setting.
Scan strategy : 35° mirrors The Top mirror and the 35° mirrors are used to scan the object. This makes the capturing of information for larger undercuts more feasible. Scanning however takes more time.
Scan strategy : Top mirror only Only the top mirror is used to scan the object. In most instances this is sufficient to capture the needed information.
Maximum Object Height This indicates the height of the object that will be scanned. For example, if the value is set to 8 mm, scanning will be performed from the top of the object down to 8 mm below. Below 8mm from the top, the object will not be scanned.
Use reference jig (1G only) Allows the user to scan an object using a reference jig, even if the use of a reference jig is not mandatory. This option must be activated at the beginning of the scanning work flow.