Scanning the Upper Side of the Wax-up Bridge


The Scanning the Wax-up Bridge Model procedure must be completed.


  1. Put the wax-up bridge, upper side on top, on the preparations.

    Make sure not to move the model.

  2. In the Camera View, set the blue flexible curve over the wax-up bridge.

    You may need to stretch the box to be able to cover all the wax-up bridge.

  3. Click Scan.

    Scanning can take several minutes.

    Follow on screen instructions.

  4. Remove the model from the scanning table.
  5. The procedure to perform will differ depending on the state of the scan in the Scan View:
    • if the objects not to be scanned appear in the scan, or if the scan moved during scanning, click Rescan or Add scan. and repeat the procedure.