Scanning the Overdenture


The Scanning the Model should be completed.

Consider using the Advanced Settings before scanning an object.


  1. From the Scan List, click Prosthesis.
  2. Cover the overdenture with a CAD spray.

    Without spray, the overdenture will not be detected by the scanner.

  3. Set the overdenture on the model.

    Do not move the model.

  4. In the Camera View, set the blue rectangle to fully cover the overdenture.

    The transparent rectangle must fully cover the overdenture.

  5. Make sure the blue circles are set over the circles of the reference jig.
  6. Click Scan.
  7. From the Scan View, rotate the scan to verify if scanning is complete.

    If the scan is incomplete, refer to Adding a Scan.

  8. Complete patient, technician, identifier and dentist information.
  9. Click Finish.


A situation is created with the scan. The situation is sent to the NobelProcera® Overdenture Bar module where the bar can be designed.