Scanning Both Sides of the Wax-up Abutment


The Setting-up the Scanner for Wax-up Abutment Scanning step must be completed.

Consider using the Advanced Settings before scanning an object.


  1. In the Camera View, align the blue square over the abutment.

    The square must fully cover the abutment. Consider resizing the square if necessary.

  2. Align the three blue circles over the reference circles of the holder.

    If some circles are outside of the Camera View, gently push the scanning table forward until all spheres are displayed in the Camera View. This does not affect the selected scanning area as the camera acts like a targeting system and tracks the location of the circles already scanned.

  3. Click Scan.

    Scanning can take several minutes.

  4. When scanning is completed, click Ok.
  5. Flip the holder to scan the other side of the abutment.
  6. Repeat steps 1 to 4.
  7. During scanning, complete the information on dentist, technician, identifier and patient.
  8. From the Restoration List list, select a material and shade for each restoration.

    Consider Improvement Options before continuing to the next step.

  9. Click Finish.


A situation is created with the scan. The situation is sent to the NobelProcera Abutment module where the wax-up abutment can be designed further, using the deformation tools.

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