User Profiles Workflow


The usual workflow of the user profiles is straightforward.

  1. Create a profile, if necessary: in the Front End module, click the User profiles button.
    1. Enter a name for a new profile in the top left field of the user profile editor.
    2. Click Create profile
      Note: You can create a new profile by duplicating an existing profile :
      1. Select the profile to duplicate
      2. Enter a new name in the bottom field
      3. Click Save as.
      Note: All newly created profiles contain the factory default parameters, except those which where duplicated from existing profiles.
  2. Select a profile from the list.
  3. Traverse the profile tree according to which parameters you target.
  4. Edit the target parameter values as needed.
  5. Save the profile by clicking the Save.
  6. If a profile is to be used right away, ensure it is selected in the left list and click Use selected profile.
    Note: The user profile that takes effect when opening a design module is shown in bold characters in the list.
  7. To reset a profile to factory defaults, click Reset profile.
  8. Once a profile is loaded, close the user profile editor and launch the design module as needed.
    Note: If a module was running before the profile was updated :
    1. Close the design module
    2. In the profile editor, select and load the profile by clicking Use selected profile. It should be displayed in bold characters in the profile list.
    3. Open the design module.


In the application module that loaded the user profile, the default settings of the parameters are now set to the new values from the profile.