Coping-Abutment Co-design

The coping-abutment co-design is a workflow resulting in a situation file containing the coping-abutment pair, performed without having to produce the abutment before making the coping.

Co-design Workflow

The workflow resulting in an abutment-coping co-design situation includes:
  1. The scanning of the model and locators from the NobelProcera Scan module.
  2. The design of the abutment from the NobelProcera Abutment module.
  3. The segmentation steps performed in the Situation Builder, to prepare adjacent and soft tissue information.
    Note: A plain abutment can be converted to an abutment-coping co-design from the Situation Builder. In this case, it will be necessary to reopen and finish the situation from the NobelProcera Abutment module.
  4. The design of the coping from the NobelProcera Crown and Bridge module.
Note: Since the coping design depends of the abutment shape, modifying the abutment after designing the coping makes the coping obsolete. Consequently, if the user confirms his action in the displayed warning, the obsolete coping is deleted.

Co-design supported platforms

Object Model
Implant type
  • Conical Connection NP
  • Conical Connection RP
  • Conical Connection WP
  • Conical Connection 3.0
Abutment type
  • Straight
  • ASC Straight
Coping production type
  • Zi 5 axes
Abutment material
  • Zirconia
  • Titanium