Scanning a FCZ Implant Crown Wax-up

About this task

FCZ implant crown wax-up in 2G scanner holder.


The scanning strategy for the FCZ implant crown wax-up is similar to the one used with the wax-up abutment.
  1. From the Situation manager section of the NobelProcera Scan module, select and place an implant on the required unit in the dental schema.
  2. Click the Wax-up button of the Crown and Bridge block, then click on the implant previously created in the dental schema.
    Note: You can also draw a PIB on the dental schema and keep only the required unit.
  3. Place the FCZ implant crown wax-up in the wax-up holder and fix the holder on the scan table, on a level plane.
    Note: It has been tested and noted that tilting the table to make the occlusal surface more visible helps to eliminate holes on the occlusal surface, especially for molars.

    FCZ implant crown wax-ups on replicas.

  4. Launch the scan.
    Note: The scan list contains a step for each face of the FCZ implant crown wax-up. After the second step, users can optionally perform Add scan actions, varying tilt angles and switching holder faces.
  5. Follow the instructions to scan face # 1
  6. Follow the instructions to scan face # 2
  7. Inspect the resulting 3D image. Inspect the areas where deeper features or undercuts may cause incomplete scanning.
  8. Perform Add scan if necessary. Place the holder with the (potentially) incomplete face up. Tilt the scan table so the camera has a better view on the region to scan.
  9. Inspect the resulting mesh. If necessary, repeat Add Scan with alternate face and varying tilt angle.


The FCZ implant crown wax-up situation is saved. The design of the FCZ implant crown wax-up is ready to be completed in the NobelProcera Abutment module.