Problem Solving

Problem Diagnostic Solution
No points are displayed in the scan view Scanned material is transparent. Apply scanning spray or powder on object.
Object is distorted in the scan view. Scanner is no longer calibrated. Calibrate the scanner.
Scan is cut-off Object is no longer aligned with the camera. Calibrate the scanner.
Height validation fails repeatedly. Object is too big. When scanning with a reference jig, consider ignoring the warning and adding several scans of the object at different position to create a complete scan of the object.
Scan view displays a smooth surface although surface should display holes. Automatic hole filling setting is enabled. Disable the Automatic hole filling setting.
Scanning takes too much time Scanning resolution is too high. Consider reducing the scanning resolution. Remember that lowering the resolution reduces the amount of data collected on the object.
Scanning bars takes too much time Shape of the area being scanned is unsuitable. When scanning a bar, consider using the Curve setting.
Unable to set object within scanning range Object is too big. Consider changing the value of the Maximum Object Height setting.
Scanning of large undercuts are incomplete The Scan strategy is unsuitable. Consider using the 35° mirrors Scan strategy setting.
Upper side scan of the wax-up bridge has holes This is not an issue if the holes are not too big. The software will automatically fill the holes.
Underside scan of wax-up bridge has holes or is incomplete This is not an issue. The CAD software will automatically reconstruct the inner surface of the wax-bridge that will be in contact with the preparations.