The NobelProcera® 2G Scanner

1 Back motor housing Contains and protects the height control motor.
2 Scan table, pinch vise and holding screws Used to place and hold the objects to scan.
3 Front motor housing Contains and protects inclination and depth control motors.

The 2G advantages

The 2G scanner is the next generation hardware, operated with less manual intervention, less susceptible to manipulation errors and more flexible for better object coverage even in complex situations.

  • The 2G scanner no longer requires manual height adjustments or table tilting, which eliminates manipulation errors and accuracy loss. Quarter-turn holding screws and fast pinch vise adjustment also reduce manipulation time on the scanning table.
  • A new advanced means of spatial referencing and detecting the objects position and displacements has been implemented, thus eliminating the need for a reference jig.
  • An enhanced workflow for scans of situations with multiple locators is now implemented which is helpful if the number of available locators is restricted.
  • It offers the 3D Add Scan feature, which enables users to select specific volumes and set the initial scanning angle to scan in the 3D window.
  • The 2G scanner supports the scanning of full jaw solid models in efficient workflows that will save time to operators.